Meet Den of Wolves’ designer and founder – Rafael Zadorian. He started Den of Wolves in 2022, when he turned his vision and passion into reality. What started out as a personal love for fighting, turned into creating an inclusive group to combat struggles related to mental illness. Rafael credits perseverance and strength as the catalysts of creating Den of Wolves.




Den of Wolves is more than a brand, it is a family. Together we will fight against the personal struggles associated with depression, addiction, PTSD, etc. As you join the den, you become a part of something larger than just a clothing brand. We want to raise awareness to all of life’s negativity and show the light of hope. “We can’t preach this enough, count your blessings. Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start thinking positively about what could go right.” Den of Wolves will help break free from struggling in silence and provide a family as assistance and support. “Our demons try to destroy us; everyone has their ups and downs but look how far you have already made it. We are still here standing and together we will fight stronger than ever.